T-Town Heroes and Director are brokers, alleges the actress

Sri Reddy, tfcmedia

Time and again, there have been a lot of debates and discussions about the existence of casting couch in the film industry. While some admit that it does exist, others claim to have never encountered anything like that.

Many actresses talk about the cases of casting couch and sexual harassment in hushed voices but it’s rare that somebody gathers up the courage to raise their voice against it.

But, nowadays the actresses are coming forward and have been sharing the experiences. After several actresses spoke up about the same, the budding actress Sri Reddy made some sensational comments about the ‘casting couch’ in Tollywood.

In her latest interview, Sri Reddy said that there are many untold dark secrets in the film industry and women are treated like sex slaves. She even accused the heroes and directors as sex brokers who encourage the casting couch.