Siva Balaji is no more interested in Reality Shows

Siva Balaji

Actor Siva Balaji, who became a household name after winning the ‘Bigg Boss’ title in the first season of the reality show has been flooded with offers for several other reality shows. But, the actor seems to have no interest in the reality shows and wants to concentrate on his film career.

Currently, Siva Balaji is eagerly waiting for his upcoming movie ‘Snehamera Jeevitham’ which also features Rajeev Kanakala as one of the protagonists. Siva Balaji further admitted that one factor that had helped his chances of winning the title was the social media campaign started by his wife Swapna Madhuri. She used to post every major incident of the show on social media, explaining the reason why her husband had reacted to such situation. This led to people forming a positive opinion of Siva Balaji.