Singham 3 Review

Singham 3 Review TFC Media

Director: Hari

Music Director : Harris Jayaraj

Starring: Suriya, Anushka ShettyShruti Haasan

Release date : February 9, 2017

After several postpones, Suriya’s ‘S3’ has finally hit the screens today. As the first two versions have been huge blockbusters, the expectations on the third installment have mounted up. Let’s see how the movie is up to.

Story: Narasimha(Suriya), who is an upright and aggressive cop who can go to any extent to bring the justice. After his successful chase of the International drug mafia in the second installment, now Narasimha is on duty to unearth the death mystery of Police Commissioner in Mangalore. He comes to know Vittal (Anoop Singh Thakur), a dreaded mafia don behind all this, who is operating from Australia. Rest of the story is as to how Narasimha manages to nab the international criminal Vittal.

Pros: Just as the first two installments, it’s the Suriya show all the way and the role is a cakewalk for Suriya. Right from his body language to his performance as a tough cop is the major asset for the movie. Anushka has done her usual role as Suriya’s love interest and Shruthi Haasan gets an interesting role and she has done complete justice to it.

Hindi actor Thakur Anoop Singh who marked his debut as a villain is quite impressive and gives a tough competition to Suriya. The whole credit should be given to director Hari for portraying Thakur Anoop Singh in a very stylish and menacing manner.

The action sequences need a special mention as they have been designed in quite a racy way. They look real, especially those designed in the second half elevate the film quite well.

Hari’s fast pace screenplay keeps the audience engaged throughout.


There’s nothing new to offer in the story except the hero resolving the cases and the storyline get predictable most of the times. Few scenes remind us of the ‘Singham 2.’ Unlike the second part where Santhanam’s comedy remained one of the major highlights of the movie, the entire comedy episode has gone for a toss in ‘S3.’

Re Recording and music are a huge set back for the movie. Harris Jayaraj couldn’t come up good tunes as DSP, who scored music for the first two versions.

Verdict: The story, concept, hero and few other actors remain the same and the storyline gets predictable. The movie can be watched only if you are a hardcore fan of Suriya and heavy duty action thrillers.