Selife mania irritates Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia

People have become highly obsessed with the selfies even without caring for the personal space of the celebrities. Actress Neha Dhupia has come across a similar incident recently. The actress who was on her way to Mumbai from Chandigarh for an audio promotion has met with an accident and survived with minor injuries. Though Neha Dhupia was bleeding with the shoulder injury, the crowd rushed to take photos and selfies with her even without thinking of providing first aid to the actress. This unethical and stupid behavior of the people has severely irritated Neha Dhupia and the actress has shocked how people can be so foolish and craze for selfies even without bothering about the condition of the other person.

Clicking selfies became an urban cultural phenomenon across the globe leaving autographs outdated. Though it’s fun to click photos with your favorite celebs, people should realize when to go for selfies and when to not. If the people don’t come out of this selfie mania, it won’t be too late where people get addicted to selfies just like other addictions and the selfie craze will be declared as a psychological disorder.

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