SC gives relief to Kancha Ilaiah over controversial book

SC gives relief to Kancha Ilaiah over controversial book, tfcmedia

Supreme Court delivered a crucial verdict on Dalit writer Kancha Ilaiah’s book on Arya Vysyas “Samajika Smugglurlu Komatollu” which turned a controversy and the police also registered a case against the writer. Few made allegations that the book not only targeted the Vysyas community but also Hindus communities. Kancha Ilaiah got relief in Supreme Court over the controversial book. The court said that the book cannot be banned just because it is controversial and the court cannot ban it.

After hearing the petition, the bench headed by Chief Justice of India Deepak Mishra said by doing so, they will be curtailing freedom of expression. and they can only advise the authors to be self-contained. However, the SC dismissed the petition filed by Arya Vysya Association leader and lawyer Ramanjaneyulu last month to ban the book as it is insulting their caste. Kancha Ilaiah felt glad and welcomed the court’s judgement not to ban the book. He also said that Arya Vysyas should be happy for having a book on their community.