Is that the reason why Nagarjuna removed his Moustache?


Apart from his handsome looks, one thing that’s most attractive in Nagarjuna is his moustache. Nagarjuna loves his moustache so much that he was adamant to remove it even while doing the devotional movies like ‘Annamayya’ and ‘Sri Ramadasu.’ But, he shocked everyone with his new clean-shaven look recently.

When asked about the same, Nagarjuna has given a clever reply saying it’s just for a change. Though Nag hasn’t revealed the actual reason behind his new look, it’s heard that this look is for his next movie.

As per the buzz, Nagarjuna was approached by the filmmakers to play Karna in Mohan Lal’s 1000 crore magnum opus ‘Randamoozham’ which is based on the epic Mahabharat. But, Nagarjuna seems to have preferred to play Lord Krishna instead of Karna and might be undergoing screen tests for the role.