Ravi Teja’s uncle cites reasons for Bharath’s death

Ravi Teja's uncle cites reasons for Bharath's death

Ravi Teja’s uncle cites reasons for Bharath’s death. It’s been three days since Ravi Teja’s younger brother Raghu died in a car crash on Saturday night Bharat’s Red Skoda rammed into a truck that was parked on the road, resulting in an instant death. While there are several rumors like over speeding and alcohol for the accident, his uncle Murthy Raju has come up with a totally different version and said it’s the fatigue that led to this fatal accident. ‘Bharath has done swimming for two hours before he began his journey from Shamshabad to Gachibowli. Anyone in his position would have been tired by that time. Not being able to notice the parked lorry in such condition could have led to the accident. The accident happened while he was returning to the house after meeting his friends,’ his uncle opined.

Murthy Raju further explained that his family is in a deep shock and weren’t in a position to see the dead body of Bharat and hence they skipped the funeral. His uncle further clarified that though Bharath was addicted to few bad habits in the past, he is a changed man and has given up all the bad habits. Anyone in his position would have been tired by that time.Though his uncle has revealed the reasons for Bharath’s death, people still doubt it could be alcoholism or over speeding could the al reasons for Bharath’s death.