Raju Gari Gadhi 2 Movie Review


Title: Raju Gari Gadhi 2 Movie Review

Cast: Nagarjuna, Samantha, Seerat Kapoor, Vennela Kishore, Ashwin Babu, Naresh and others

Director: Ohmkar

Production Company: PVP Cinema

Music Director: SS Thaman

Release date: 13th October 2017

Nagarjuna, who has attempted almost every genre in his 30-year long career, has never attempted the horror genre and for the first time, the actor has tried the horror genre with ‘Raju Gari Gadhi 2” which raised more expectations on the movie. On the other hand, Samantha played a ghost for the first time in her career as well.

With the success of ‘Raju Gari Gadhi’, the second installment got released amidst mounted expectations. Let’s see how the movie does at the box-office.

Movie Report:

Raju gari Gadhi 2 is not a full horror movie as expected or perceived but it’s a surprise package. Though the first half is typical horror comedy genre ( with good visual effects), the latter half turns is more of a serious drama with a heavy dose of emotions in the story.

If you are a hardcore fan of horror films, then you might disappoint a bit with the post-interval block. But these emotional sentiment scenes will turn the major strengths of the movie as they can draw the family audience to the theaters.

Though he is still a novice to the film industry, director Ohmkar has done a commendable job by making this a multi-genre film. Though the movie title has got nothing to do with the story, Ohmkar might have used it just to generate curiosity on the movie. Nagarjuna and Samantha have given their best performances in the respective roles.

Overall, RGG2 is definitely a film worth watching and will be a sure shot hit. However, the range of success depends upon how youth will embrace the 2nd half & on how families will connect to both the first and second half of the movie.

Rating: 3/5