Private schools observes “Black Day” on Oct 12 across India

Private schools observes

Today, October 12 is being observed as Black Day by several private schools across India. Organisations like the National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) and the Independent Schools Association (ISA) have called out to private schools to participate in peaceful protests on 12 October against the excessive government interference in the day-to-day functioning of private schools in the country. Association of Progressive Schools (AoPS) said, “Since private schools are autonomous and non-profit making, this kind of intervention is not acceptable. However, the protest will not compromise on the safety or education of students in any way.”

It comes in the wake of the nation-wide call by NISA to ensure free and conducive working environment in schools that are part of AoPS and create awareness regarding the contribution of private unaided schools to education and their current circumstances induced by the RTE Act. Continuous interference and harassment by various government bodies of various reasons have pushed the private schools to observe October 12 as “Black Day” in order to raise public awareness. The government needs to keep faith in private schools as we are trying to improve the level of education. The private schools are demanding the government to set up one school with all the child safety, educations and sports facilities, so that, the private schools may take it as an example and follow.