I am least bothered about stardom: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, India’s biggest Superstar who is known for his unwavering commitment and perfection seems to have no interest in the number games and stardom. The actor said that he believes in the quality of the product rather than stardom which he believes is ephemeral.

During his recent interaction with the media, Aamir Khan said that he doesn’t fear to lose the stardom as he has to lose it someday or the other. ‘Dangal’ might be highest grossing Indian Film till date but Aamir Khan is least bothered about it. ‘Nobody remembers how much Sholay collected. So, Box Office numbers are irrelevant in the long run. My goal was never to make Rs 100 crore. There is a huge difference between quality and quantity. I strive for quality feedback from the audience even if a limited number of people had seen my film. Ultimately, It’s the film that will be remembered not the collections or profit margins,’ points out Mr.Perfectionist.