Kriti Sanon’s free advice to the Society

Kriti Sanon's free advice to the Society,TFCmedia

There’s an age old perception in India that women who smoke and drink are often seen as promiscuous. Actress Kriti Sanon of ‘1 Nenokkadnine’ fame has opened up about the taboo that exists in our society and said people’s mindset should change.

Kriti says, “Smoking is not good for health and should be avoided. I am a non-smoker, but the point we want to make is that girls who smoke, who are fond of body art or break into a jig are not characterless. Our society has a very small bracket for `good girls’. That bracket needs to broaden up or change. When a guy smokes, he is not considered characterless, but you judge girls too fast. This is seen more in smaller towns. In an arranged marriage too, only a girl is asked all kinds of questions. I really want this to change.”

Well, Kriti Sanon’s argument has logic but the actress should also realize shedding clothes for the sake of money in the movies isn’t appreciated in our society and hope she realizes it sooner than later.

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