KCR calls Amit Shah a Liar

Politicians rebuke, scold and even abuse each other while getting involved in steamy debates. Telangana chief minister KCR came down heavily on the BJP national president Amit Shah and called him a liar for his false claims. Amit Shah, who is on a three-day visit to Telangana has claimed that the Modi-led BJJP government has done a huge favor for Telangana and the center has been giving Rs 20,000 crore every year to Telangana state.

He also said that BJP would form the government in the upcoming 2019 elections. Slamming Amit Shah for his false claims, KCR confidently said that the state has advanced in every aspect by leaps and bounds under TRS rule and Amit Shah’s dreams of forming the government in Telangana would forever remain dreams. He also warned Amit Shah not to make any such false claims in future and demanded him to apologize for accusing the TRS government before he leaves to Delhi. KCR further clarified that he has no issues or differences with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has huge regards for him.