KCR: 10-Year Action Plan For The Development of Hyderabad

KCR: 10-Year Action Plan For The Development of Hyderabad, tfcmedia

Here comes a good news announced by Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao. He directed the government officials to prepare a 10-year action plan for the development of Hyderabad and start the groundwork immediately. He also instructed the officials to come up with an effective action plan which will be an overall plan for next 30 years. An uninterrupted power supply to all sectors is the top priority of TRS government it seems. The plan is to set up two reservoirs, looking into the drainage, sewerage network, flood canals, power supply, sanitation, transport issues, markets, building more public toilets, maintaining greenery around the city and other needful.

Telangana CM said that the action plan must meet the needs and demands of Hyderabad for next 30 years. He directed the officials to kick start work immediately to supply water and fill 10-15 TMC ft water in each reservoir. KCR wants to the areas like Musi river with gardens on either side, bridges at several places across the river, to improve power supply system in Hyderabad, lay roads. He also suggested them to take technical precautions in the process of development and to take few measures to ensure that the industrial waste and pollutants do not flow into the tanks at various places in Hyderabad city.

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