GHMC’s latest move: Newly-painted 3D zebra crossing in the city

GHMC's latest move: Newly-painted 3D zebra crossing in the city, tfcmedia

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) made an interesting move over road safety in the city. GHMC came up with a 3D zebra crossing in the city, which already became a sight of amusement for commuters and caught the attention of pedestrians. The picture showcases the new 3D paint zebra crossing at NAC junction made by GHMC. Under traffic rules, cross the road at zebra crossings when the Pedestrian Signal is green. So that, major accidents can be avoided. 3-Dimensional street art impressed everyone and is interesting. However, this innovative idea of GHMC serves the dual purpose, gives beauty and also ensure road safety. The paints have to be retouched every 6 months.

Hari Chandana, IAS, Zonal Commissioner (West), GHMC said, “I have been getting several requests from the local housing communities at NAC that crossing the roads has been an unsafe experience for them, and that they do not have pedestrian-friendly roads. So we experimented with 3D road crossings. If you are driving, from a distance the crossing gives an illusion that the road has been dug up or elevated because of the 3D effect. So the drivers slow down automatically and it gives space for the commuter to cross the road.” GHMC is also planning to bring a policy… button system at traffic signal junctions using which a pedestrian can change the signal light to stop the vehicles approaching and walk on. In the next level of this project, similar works will be done near schools, hospitals and accident-prone areas very soon.