Flop director bags once more chance

Director Srinu Vaitla, who was synonymous for blockbusters, hasn’t had been in great form these days. Two massive duds Aagadu and Brue Lee-The Fighter, have pushed Srinu Vaitla back to square one and the director with whom even star heroes preferred to work, suddenly ran out of work. After a brief hiatus, Srinu Vaitla came with ‘Mister’ featuring Varun Tej, Hebah Patel and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles.

Despite pinning all his hopes on the movie, Mister turned out as another massive failure leaving Srinu Vaitla’s career in the doldrums. While everyone was guessing Srinu Vaitla’s career is almost over, here comes a surprise. Director Srinu Vaitla seems to have approached Ram with a script for the hero has given an immediate nod. Both Srinu and Ram worked earlier for Ready, which still remains the biggest hit in Ram’s career. Let’s hope the duo repeats the Ready magic once again.