The floodgates of Srisailam dam opened as the Water level swells up


The incessant rainfall in the Telugu states has not only brought cheers to the farmers but also the tourists as the floodgates of Srisailam dam are opened for the first time in this year. With the reservoir reaching close to its gross storage capacity, the project authorities in Andhra Pradesh have opened two of the 12 spillway gates on Thursday to let out around one lakh cusecs of water to Nagarjunasagar Dam.

The officials stated that inflows into Srisailam were recorded at 1,39,007 cusecs at 8 am on Thursday with the water level reaching 884.8 feet against the full reservoir level of 885 ft and the dam was holding 214.84 TMC ft against its full capacity of 215.81 TMC ft. Outflows were recorded at 1,44,160 cusecs with 55,966 cusecs from the spillway, about 75,250 cusecs from the two powerhouses, 11,000 cusecs from Pothireddypadu and about 2,000 cusecs for Kalwakurhty and Handri-Neeva lifts.