Chinese Tiangong-1 space station crash to Earth within weeks

Chinese Tiangong-1 space station crash, tfcmedia

Chinese satellite ‘Tiangong-1’ which has fallen out of control is coming towards earth and the scientists are estimating the time and area where it may crash. They are also speculating the impact of the toxins on human life. According to the reports, the US-funded Aerospace Corporation estimates Tiangong-1 will re-enter the atmosphere during the first week of April. The European Space Agency says the module will come down between March 24 and April 19.

The Tiangong-1 satellite carrying toxic fuels is about to smash into Earth and is expected to hit us on April 3. It has been claimed it could smash into the American state of Michigan. Northern China, central Italy, northern Spain, the Middle East, New Zealand, Tasmania, South America, southern Africa, and northern states in the US have also been identified as the regions with a high chance of impact.

As if that was not scary enough, it has been claimed the Tiangong-1 space station is packed full of a toxic and corrosive chemical called hydrazine. This nasty stuff is used in rocket fuel and long-term exposure is believed to cause cancer in humans.

Scientists have recently calculated that the Chinese space station will touch Earth’s surface somewhere further north than 43 degrees North or further south than 43 degrees South. Majority of this area is covered with Ocean but the debris may still make contact with some of the populated areas.