Allu Sirish’s rude behavior receives huge flak

Allu Sirish, tfcmedia

Allu Arjun’s younger brother Allu Sirish seems to have lost his cool and scolded senior producer N.V. Prasad even without respecting his age.

Getting into the details, Allu Sirish did a Malayalam movie ‘1971: Beyond Borders’ which featured alongside Mohan Lal in the lead role that was directed by Major Ravi.

There were plans to release the dubbed version in Telugu along with the original but dropped the idea as it turned out to be a massive dud in Malayalam.

Senior producer NV Prasad was supposed to release the film in Telugu, but he wasn’t keen after looking at its fate in Malayalam.

After a long time, some other producer came forward to release it here and NV Prasad has reportedly sold the distribution rights for a very low price.

Allu Sirish came to know about the latest development and made a phone call to Prasad and reportedly talked very rudely for not letting him know about the release plans for the film.

As per the agreement, whoever releases the film in Telugu should pay Rs. 15 lakh for Sirish. NV Prasad might have forgotten about the deal as no one has shown interest in releasing the film here. But Sirish who was upset to know about the release plans lost his cool over it and talked to Prasad in a rude manner.

Although Sirish eventually got paid for the Telugu version, his rude talk with a senior producer has become a hot topic among gossip circles.